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EU-PROMENS is a capacity-building programme on mental health financed by the EU4Health programme and will be implemented by the project consortium (GFA Consulting Group GmbH, Trimbos Institute, and Mental Health Europe) between January 2024 and December 2026. It will enhance and improve the capacity of health professionals across Europe in the field of mental health. The programme implements flagship 15 ‘Initiative For More And Better Trained Professionals in the EU’ of the Commission’s Communication on a comprehensive approach to mental health.


It targets different groups of professionals, including:

  1. Health professionals working in mental health sector
  2. Teachers and educators working in the educational setting
  3. Social workers working in various community settings
  4. Professionals working in prisons and juvenile detention centres
  5. Mental health policy makers and experts/advisors
  6. Members of the service users/people with lived experience organisations
  7. Trainers and mentors of students, apprentices, and the workforce of the above-mentioned professions


The capacity-building programme is made up of two parts:

Part 1
Development and Implementation of a Multidisciplinary Training Programme on Mental Health for Health and Other Professionals Working in Community Settings

  • Setting up a contact group for broad stakeholder involvement representing different sub-groups of mental health
  • Conducting a study to identify the training audiences and training needs in mental health 
  • Mapping existing trainings and stakeholders
  • Designing a European mental health multidisciplinary training programme
  • Rolling out a hybrid, multidisciplinary training programme in 6 pilot countries, and implementation of the training in 24 countries
  • Developing a European blueprint for a comprehensive approach to mental health capacity-building

Part 2
Organisation of an Exchange Programme for Health Professionals in the Field of Mental Health

  • Identifying exchange participants' needs, host institutions' capabilities, and matching both
  • Designing and implementing the exchange programme, ensuring it aligns with the overall goals of the multidisciplinary training programme on mental health


Involvement of participating countries


  • Organisation of hybrid workshops for the training in 27 EU Member States, Norway, Iceland and Ukraine with at least 3600 participants and in collaboration with national institutions.
  • Organisation of exchange visits between countries with a minimum of 900 participants. Identification of national host organisations as well as participants from all countries.



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